specialized experiences


strengthen leadership.  

nurture creativity.  

awaken authentic selves.

Vibrant Living & Leadership creates compelling experiences that give participants space, guidance, and inspiration to explore what is most important in their professional and personal lives.

The environment for curiosity, interaction, collaboration, and reflection is carefully designed and students, professionals, teams, non-profit and corporate organizations delve into activities and discussion that lead to greater understanding and growth.

We believe everyone has the ability to strengthen leadership, nurture creativity, and awaken to their most authentic self to transform how they live and lead.

Our process

  • We listen carefully.
  • We learn about the desired outcomes and critical needs of our clients.
  • We design and facilitate experiences that meet those needs in relevant and compelling ways. 

This could be

  • leadership development
  • retreats
  • experiential learning
  • team building
  • coaching
  • keynote presentations
  • art creation
  • meditation
  • journaling
  • nature exploration
  • storytelling
  • visioning
  • strategic planning

Whether we provide an afternoon training session or a retreat lasting several days -- the experiences we design get to the heart of what matters most, inspiring individuals, and helping organizations thrive.