in their words

Thank you for knowing the way to gently lead, but giving room for each person to create. People like me need people like you!
— Women in the Wild Retreat Participant
Claudine was able to transform my thoughts about what I hoped this retreat would mean for my team into a better experience than I could have imagined. Our group of 21 people was able to benefit on both the personal and professional levels from the reflection, creating, and exploring of our time together. As a bonus, our team grew closer and more connected through this experience of stepping away from work and into nature for 24 hours, and letting ourselves be known, not by our titles, but as our true selves.
— Director of Clinical Services, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
As a guest speaker in my class, Claudine tailored activities to their needs. They were engaged and interested — inspiring for all of us.
— Faculty Member, Ursuline College
One of my life changers. I learned so much from her about being a Student Affairs professional.
— Student Development Specialist, Texas A&M
Claudine has prepared our orientation staff to facilitate large and small group activities. Consistently our first-year students tout those activities as the moment they realized everything would be okay in their college experience. I am grateful for her expertise, her approach, and her excellence in preparing my orientation team!
— Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Westminster College